Our pledge

Our calling

Share our relationship with nature, with a true and deep encounter with our sea, our coastline, our mountains and our Mediterranean neighbors. making everyone eager to learn about nature, to show it consideration and to protect it.

Inspire and promote personal initiatives that link Man and environment. To contribute, through our actions and the connections we create, to invent the world of tomorrow.

Encourage women to dare to undertake and to fulfill their dreams.


Our values

Respect and love of nature

The term "nature" refers to a concept that we all understand. From our contribution to scientific research on the socio-ecosystems ito outdoor activities, our relationship to the natural environment that shelters us is characterized by feelings of love and respect.

Sharing and Discovery

An expedition is a human adventure, between team members and with the inhabitants of the destinations. It is also a journey through history and cultures.


An expedition is also an opportunity to go beyond the limits of our known world, of our comfort zone. This is an opportunity to dare, to act, to explore possibilities.

Collective creativity

Our social utility, through our expeditions and our actions, is to imagine together solutions to create a desirable future

Our missions

Reviving the link between Man and nature, on land and at sea, inspire people and transmit them the desire to act and to imagine a desirable future. This is achieved by:

  • Marine expeditions
  • educational activities
  • events
  • women-environment initiatives