Elements, 2013 Women Odyssey

Francine Kreiss en apnée -Photogaphe : Krystle Wright

Francine Kreiss en apnée -Photogaphe : Krystle Wright

Women Odyssey – 1 month aboard the Lagoon 39 Iliade, to explore the Mediterranean Sea and its wonders.

A month of adventures ahead ; a route, some sailing and fortunately many unknowns as well. Let the adventure begin! On board, 6 girls with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: a passion for the Great Outdoors. Nathalie: a skipper, Carole, a diving and climbing instructor, Raphaëlle, a mountain guide and a geologist, Laureen, an ecologist, Francine, a free-diver and Krystle, an adventure photographer.

Our goal? To show that adventure may be close by, but that it is above all a different way of getting to things. To do this we chose to arrive by sea and show different ways of looking at the world around us.

What connects us? Ropes, sheets, wires, cables (free-diving), and many other things we share. But each being a neophyte in the other’s field, there are many opportunities to admire, learn, give…Our adventure will take us over land and sea, around Corsica, Sardinia and Elba, to discover the wealth of nature reserves and the seabed through breath-taking dives and fantastic rock climbing, and, linking all the different activities, sailing on board Iliade. Boats and sailing have this capacity to bring people who sail closer together and to bind them together forever: thanks to Iliade for this wonderful human adventure.

Nathalie en paddle sur la côte corse
Nathalie paddleboarding in Corsica