Initially, there is the desire of a woman, Nathalie Ille, to participate in expeditions at sea and in the mountains to exploring our relationship to nature.

In 2006, she decided to dare. To dare to be a woman and to manage expedition projects, to be a woman and to be the captain on board. That’s how Expe2M association was born.

In 2009, it is achievement time with the first expedition: "The sailors of life." This adventure sees the sea as a therapy, as an energy source that gives to sick children the desire to fight and brings back their taste for life.

In 10 years, Nathalie boarded along a great crew of volunteers, organised 4 original types of expeditions and established partnerships based on sharing and trust.

In 2016, the Expe2M association gathers 20 members, 25 active partners, and already has four expeditions in preparation!